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Area Rug and Fine Textile Cleaning

 Wool | Silk | Oriental | Turkish | Synthetics & more!

Synthetics to the most expensive silk orientals. We can clean and restore the luster and shine to them all. Depending on the soiling and condition we can either clean your valued textiles on site or in our rug washing plant. In many cases the condition of each rug will tell the tale. We care about your fine rugs and other textiles and ensures the deepest clean using the safest processes. Don not trust your expensive oriental or eastern treasures in just anyones hands. Go with a company that has been certified by three separate institutes to clean, restore and appraise your rugs.

Going "cheap"? Avoid this costly mistake.


No matter if you are cleaning your carpets at home or your wool rug, you need to heed this advice and be careful what and who you use to clean. Many times we are called because a rug has been cleaned on site by one of these services that had no clue exactly what they were cleaning. They soaked the rug with HD cleaner and Steamed the rug clean, or so they thought. Most med to very high end rugs are dyed using natural colors and blends. Improper cleaning result in color loss and even worse color migration as shown in the picture to the left. Before you clean your rugs or have them cleaned by a "cheap" carpet cleaner know the risks involved. In Kansas City there are over 200 "carpet cleaners" but only a handful of certified, knowledgeable ones who actually understand the correct ways to clean and restore carpets and rugs.

In Plant Cleaning | We pick Up and Deliver!


Have an extremely large rug? Have a very delicate silk tapestry? Is your wool rug saturated with Fido's mess? Guaranteed Cleaning and Restoration has you covered. If we are unable to clean your rug in house (at your home or office) then we can bring it in plant and clean it there. We take care of each textile with our own hands and give them a detailed inspection throughout the cleaning process. Our plant is located in Overland Park, Kansas where our carpet cleaning offices are also located. We are able to pick up, clean and deliver your rug many times with a week. Note that some rugs may take longer depending on the process and soiling.