Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

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Your carpets may have seen better days. That is until our expert staff descends upon your carpeted mess with the industries deepest cleaning procedures. We will tailor a cleaning service that is just right for your carpets needs. Most homes have a large amount of carpet for a reason, air quality and warmth. Not only does the carpeting in your home provide a nice looking environment, but they serve a health purpose as well. Carpet acts as a filter and insulator for your home or office. Even if you vacuum regularly your textiles will still need a deep clean by IICRC certified professionals to stay resilient and also to maintain any factory warranty that your carpets may still have valid. Call us day or night with questions. 913-248-1129


Our preferred carpet cleaning process:



Step 1         We will inspect all areas for cleaning and create a specific cleaning process just for your carpets.


Step 2        All furniture, drapes and items will be moved or addressed prior to the start of the cleaning services.


Step 3        Using a powerful H.E.P.A. filtered vacuum we will remove all dry soil and particulates from deep down in your carpets backing. This is

                    the one step most cleaning fail to implement and is also one of the most crucial.


Step 4        An application of our specially formulated heated pre-conditioner will be applied to the carpets. This will emulsify the grease and stuck

                    on soils that create a dull and dingy appearance.


Step 5       Agitation of the pre-spray will be performed using either a rotary extractor or a man powered agitator.




Step 6       We will extract the suspended soils using either a wand or a rotary wand depending on the soiling conditions. Steam extraction is the

                    most preferred method for maintaining and restoring your carpets appearance.




Step 7       Furniture will be placed on protective tabs to prevent damage to carpets and furniture.




Step 8       Carpets will be groomed with our nap setting brush to promote proper drying.




Step 9       In most cases we will use our super velocity air movers to accelerate dry times to less than 2 hours in most cases.




Step 10      Final inspection will take place to ensure 100% satisfaction and address any permanent issues that your carpeting may have.




**  We will apply our Super Strength Carpet Protector to your carpets before drying if this added service is requested.






Some steps may not take place in your carpet cleaning service depending on the customers needs and time factors allowed to us by customer. Each residential and commercial cleaning in Overland Park, Kansas City and Surrounding will be tailored for each customers cleaning needs. We have the ability to clean the most soiled carpets to the finest woolen carpets. You can rest assured that Guaranteed Cleaning and Restoration is your one source for the best in carpet cleaning and restoration needs. 913-248-1129