Commercial Cleaning and Restoration

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Is your facility clean and attractive. Are your flooring maintenance needs being met? Guaranteed Cleaning and Restoration will create a specific cleaning plan for your offices to make sure they are clean and healthy. Air quality can be affected by the dust that is collected by your carpets, cubicles and even upholstery. Having a clean facility not only looks nice but will aid in a healthy workplace and in the prevention of sickness and viruses that flourish in dirty workplaces. Have us out today and we will create a plan that works for your schedule and your budget. We have billing cycles that work easily within any companies budget.

    Commercial cleaning services in Kansas City make your building look and feel clean and healthy. When you have a lot of traffic throughout your business your floors and other textiles may start to take a big hit. It is critical that they be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Some carpets are a great candidate for our dry cleaning process which allows us to clean and restore your floors while staff are present without any hick ups in your operations. While others are so dirty they demand a deep steam cleaning process which will remove all of the heavy soils and particulates that have been destroying your carpets flooring and cubicles.


    Kansas City is home to a large amount or dirt pollen and other carpet destroying particulates that need to be removed from your building often. Hiring a carpet cleaner to come and clean your commercial property is just as important as having your air systems checked. Textiles such as chairs, carpeting, cubicles etc are a huge filter in your facility and without cleaning out those filters your air quality is going to be horrible. Along with the heavy dust and other soils in the air you will notice a larger amount of allergens also. Have your facility cleaned and have the carpets cleaned regularly so that the air in your offices feels crisp, smells fresh and holds far less health concerns than that of a building who ignores the obvious needs. Call Guaranteed Cleaning and restoration today for the best in commercial carpet cleaning throughout Kansas City and directly in the Overland Park areas.

Commercial Facilities need to be healthy, clean and sanitary.

Have your carpets and other textiles cleaned often for a healthier workplace.