Mattress Cleaning and Sanitizing

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Got bed bugs? We can help you with that problem. Your home can be taken over by these little pests leaving serious health problems and destroyed belongings in their path. Depending on the severity of each case we will use either our super heated system or our specialty chemistry to kill and remove all facets of there existence in your home, hotel, office or where ever they have made residence. Just remember throwing out your mattresses will not fully remove the infestation. Within a very short time frame they will multiply and populate your new one. Call your trusted professionals at Guaranteed to remove them for good!


We Know how to Kill!

Bed Bugs can grow and grow until they are over gorged! When they have all the skin to feed off of they will multiply in the thousands in your home. In Overland Park alone we were called to help with 73 issues last year in 2013. We have created a steady client stream just from referrals because we know exactly how to kill these guys and keep them away for good. We warranty our services for 1 year in most cases. Select cases may have different warranty periods depending on the usage of premises. Call us today for expert cleaning and remediation services in Kansas City and surrounding.