Organic Odor Removal and Bio Enzymatic Solutions

Treatments and Full Odor Eradication


Most of the odor problems we encounter he in Kansas City are from our favorite or not so favorite furry friends. If we could give everyone of our valued customers puppies we would never have a slow day again. From the first day you bring your little family member home they begin to mark their spots and create little messes for you and us. We have several odor control and removal services that are tailored for everyones unique situation. If anyone tells you over the phone a price for odor control or removal hen they are not a very honest service. The only way to give our customers a price for odor services is to provide a FREE on site inspection. Guaranteed Cleaning and Restoration has the powerful UV equipment used by FBI professionals. We are able to pinpoint the exact odor source instead of taking a "guess". After all this is why you hired a professional, for the professional knowledge, expertise and EQUIPMENT. We are able to completely eradicate the odor and the source if customer agrees to the services and the process. call us today for a Free consultation and we can also clean at the same time of the estimate. Thank you and we look forward to meeting you and your little friends. 913-248-1129


Basics of Urine Saturation and Extraction

Removal of urine and salt deposits uses high powered sub surface flushing


Topical Treatments for Odor and Urine


Depending on the scenario at the time of cleaning a simple topical deodorizer and enzyme treatment may be right for you. This option may be the best fit if you still have issues with the odor causing culprit still leaving deposits. It could be a puppy or could be an elderly person that still has issues on going.  Topical treatments work for a reasonable period of time depending on how saturated the subsurface is with the urine or organic odor source. This service is a quick fix and relatively inexpensive compared to the more in depth services.



Enzymatic Flush and Deodorizing


This system can be the complete fix and is for 90% of the odor issues we run into throughout our carpet cleaning services in Johnson County and Jackson County. When your animal or human has finished with contamination issues we can perform the in depth flushing process. We begin this process by breaking down the organic matter with an acidic treatment. Once the molecular bond has been broken we begin and oxidizing flush. This process removes all of the salts and ammonia that create the horrible odor that you have called us out to remove. Also during this process we will address any staining caused by the protein organics. The customer will be informed the likeliness of success in stain removal. Next the problem area will be extracted and rinsed using a PH balanced solution with and enzyme base to continue to destroy any residual odors or possible future contaminates if that puppy decides he's not done. This process is a great fit for carpets that are salvageable after a animal or human.



100% Guaranteed Odor Removal Process


When the odor has been allowed to sit for an extended period of time or the contamination is so severe you will need us to provide the full restoration service. This process involves the affected areas of padding and possible wood rot to be removed. After the padding has been removed we will treat the hard surface areas with a HD sealant that creates a barrier between the sub floor and the new padding that is to be installed. Before padding installation we will clean and treat the backing of the carpeting. After padding is installed we will reinstall the carpeting and finish he post clean and enzyme treatment to the surface of the carpeting to ensure the 100% odor removal and prevent animals to re mark the areas. We cannot guarantee this service or any other service if animals are allowed reentry to the areas. If odor persists with the flushing service and you decide to have us perform the restoration process we will deduct 30% off the total of the final process.