Professional Pressure Washing and Coating Services

 Concrete Floors | Epoxy Coatings | Industrial Finishes and more!

Dirty Concrete, floors , decks and even siding in Kansas City and Overland park benefit from our pressure washing services. We can even clean out your gutters removing a lot of the weight that can cause damage and even flood areas of your home if improper drainage is occurring. Our staff can also clean and seal your natural stone leaving the best resistance and colors that pop! If your garage floors or driveway need a deep clean call us. If your wooden deck or fences need the new look from ages of weather were here to help. Staining, sealing and a warranty to top it all off. 913-248-1129

Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

Long Lasting | Durable Shine | Attractive Colors!


Your garage floors don't have to look like an oily industrial mess. We can bring to life a new and beautiful floor that is super heavy duty and can withstand a serious beating. An epoxy coating from Guaranteed Services will not only look nice but will add a safe touch to slippery garage and shop floors. We can have your garage floor done in most cases a days time. Just give us a call and we can come out and take a look at what your project may need. 913-248-1129

Professional vs Do It Yourself

Do you have plans on coating your own floor with the stuff you get at your local hardware store? Let us save you time and money and a real big headache. All of the brands sold in D.I.Y. stores are meant for extremely light traffic. Any sign of moisture and consistent traffic and your floor will look like the one on the right. If you do not correctly prepare your flooring and remove 100% of grease oils etc, your flooring will not last a season. We guarantee our work and our products!

1 Year Residential Traffic