Your insurance company has what they call preferred vendors. These companies are working with the insurance company's best interest and not your own. They have a predetermined price and schedule set. That means if your job has a detailed scope and needs more attention THEY WILL BE CUTTING CORNERS! They also will not HELP WITH YOUR DEDUCTIBLE! Just remember in any case you have the right to choose your own contractor in any insurance loss, it is the law! It is against the law for insurance to tell you that you have to use their service. If you have any questions feel free to call us day or night and we would be happy to help you. 913-248-1129

Water Damage in Kansas City

Drying flooded homes from Overland Park all the way to Blue Springs, Mo.




Are you confused or stressed about what is covered?


Don't worry about a thing. In most cases we can handle all of your insurance billing directly and many times help with your deductible**

    You have probably never experienced a water damage issue in your home or office in Kansas City at all. Many of our customers have a hard time trying to get a hold of the situation and that is we are here. When a loss such as the one you are having right now happens, your life should not have to be put on hold. Our family has handled hundreds of claims just like yours but will treat your loss on an individual basis. From the time we meet to the last walk through in your home, you will be reassured that we are the experts for restoration in Kansas City. Our staff has the job covered and you will receive the best in quality and service hands down.


    We can handle all types of water damage services throughout the Kc area. No matter if your toilet overflowed with a sewage flood in Overland Park, or if the rain water has flooded your basement causing your home to become a swimming pool in Lenexa, Kansas. We service all areas of town and can handle he worst case scenarios every time.